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Lotus – Form Gel Mattress

Lotus Mattress

Dormir - The Hybrid Marvel

Dormir Mattress

Ruci - Memory Foam Mattress

Ruci Mattress

About Luxe Mattress

We at Luxe Mattress and Beddings believe that every person deserves a sound sleep at least once in a day and hence we are constantly working to provide our customers a soothing sleep experience with our one of kind mattresses.

Why Us?

We at Luxe Mattress believe that you deserve the most peaceful sleep after a day full of hard work and we have taken a pledge to provide you that. We constantly work on our products and go beyond our limits so that you are able to sleep peacefully and wake up the next day after completing your sleep perfectly.


Your body goes into the zone of comfort

Lotus – Form Gel Mattress

Introducing the Lotus, your gateway to a serene night’s sleep. This gel mattress is crafted with precision, featuring a core made of 5 and a half inches of biofoam, backed by 5 and a half-inch layer of bio memory foam. We’ve even included 10 ounces of flint to control temperature fluctuations – keeping you cozy in any climate. The Lotus is embraced by a bamboo-printed cotton cover that not only looks stylish but also adds an extra layer of comfort. Starting at just $249 for a Twin, it’s the mattress that’s both affordable and luxurious.

Dormir - The Hybrid Marvel

Meet Dormir, the hybrid marvel that brings the best of both worlds to your bedroom. This 8-inch beauty boasts individually wrapped coil packets, offering targeted support where you need it most. On top of that, there’s 2 inches of biofoam, a half-inch of memory foam, and a generous 20 ounces of flint to regulate your sleep temperature. Wrapped in our signature bamboo-printed cotton cover, Dormir is as stylish as it is comfortable.